Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Thing With Feathers

By this past Saturday I was feeling quite cooped up from my marathon-map-making-month and desperately needed to get out in the garden. (My garden was desperate for me, too, since I hadn't cleaned up from last fall...)

I was weeding and pruning away when I saw this Robin with a big fat worm in her mouth, perched on the fence:

Not so unusual for Connecticut in the springtime. But then I noticed where she was headed:

I'd been working less than 5 feet away from this Rhododendron and hadn't seen the nest. The mother Robin didn't squawk, or dive-bomb, or anything. I like to think she trusted me. And those babies sure were hungry:

Little things like this give me hope in this crazy world.


Alicia Padrón said...

Awww my.. that is so wonderful. Isn't nature amazing. Things like this make me soo happy. I love this pictures Jennifer! Thanks for sharing them :o)

Susan said...

Do you take your camera with you when you garden? You captured the moment so beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

This is the smile you gave me. : )

(kind of sideways...)

Julie said...

great photos! Happy spring!

gail said...

Just the other day, when I leaving for a walk, I happened on a family of quail crossing my yard. I ran back in the house for the camera and although I did get some shots of those little guys all walking in a row behind Mom, non were great shots. Plus, the Papa quail wasn't too happy with me even trying to follow them.

I know what you mean, it made my day.
Nice photos!


Tom Barrett said...

Great pics! I love being outside. I kills me some days to be stuck inside in front of this computer. I look to the end of each workday so I can go outside and play with the kids or mow the grass or tend my new vegetable garden!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Alicia! Me too. :-)

Sue-- No, actually I ran into the house to grab it, thinking for sure I'd miss the shot or the Robin would come after me... but they were all very calm. Amazing!

Thanks Julie-- you too... finally! :-)

Gail-- That's usually what happens to me. We've had a lot of wild turkeys around here lately and I always miss them. Still special to see, though.

Tom-- I know what you mean... especially this month! At least today it's warm enough to open all the windows. Yesterday was cold and windy, and I actually lit the wood stove again. ("Sigh..." Enough cold already!)

Barbara O'Connor said...

Oh wow - that is awesome! What a great day you had!

Paola De Gaudio said...

Oh, these are the little things that also make my day!
How nice you have new friends in your garden :)

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Barbara-- It really was!

Hi Paola-- It's fun how many little creatures you notice in your own back yard when you start to look closely...