Tuesday, May 6, 2008

21-Day Challenge Update: Days 5-8

"Life is short, art is long. Get the habit."
-Danny Gregory, The Creative License

Well, I've fallen off the boat for a bit. I missed two days of my 15 minute writing on Friday and Saturday. Call it the feast or famine lifestyle of a freelancer, but of course after I committed to this challenge the work started pouring in. And last week I got a huge map commission that will keep me swamped through the end of May.

But have no fear, I'm still in it. The thing is, I'm actually in it for life, not just the 21 days. (I'll bet most of the other participating artists are, too.) Because on days I don't get to the writing, I still at least scribble in my journal. Here are pages from yesterday:

I was thinking about simplified expressions, and then my brain started to go into graphic designer mode, thinking about shapes and balance on the page. Why was I thinking this? I'm not quite sure! Maybe it was the subconscious kicking in, having to do with things I've been reading and thinking about lately.

I hesitated to post these, because I was really tired and they felt like nonsense pages. But it's all in the spirit of sharing, right?


Diana Evans said...

congrats on all the work pouring in..wonderful! and congrats on the map commission..what fun!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Diana! It is all good-- I just wish there were more hours in the day!

Tom Barrett said...

Same here with work. Not freelance, but day job stuff. After this week, things should slow down a bit.

And I agree... never enough time in the day to do all you want. Not sure if all this drawing is helping or hurting, because most days, all I want to do is draw! :) Do they have a group for that! :P

Best of luck with all the new work!

Jennifer said...

I hear you, Tom-- drawing is my favorite thing. Very relaxing! Thanks for commenting.