Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day in the Life

Last week Eric tagged me to do the "Day in the Life" meme that's been going around. Now that I think about it, an average day around here doesn't sound that exciting, except that working as a writer or illustrator you spend a lot of time in your head, so it kind of is! (Sheesh, I hope that doesn't sound psychotic.) So here goes:

- Up around 4:45, sometimes earlier, with coffee in hand. I know it's early. I can't help it. I usually read. Or catch up on blogging and projects if I have a lot of work.

- Then it's routine household stuff, making kid's lunches, getting them off to school.

- Exercise. Jog or walk or weights or the dreadmill (yes, that's what I call it...) if it's cold outside. At least 5 days a week. Otherwise I feel as if I haven't brushed my teeth.

- Then from early morning through the afternoon I'm in my room:

I'm thinking it looks bigger in pictures than it is in real life. (Neater, too.) It's actually tiny. But it's all mine, ha ha! (She says, laughing demonically!)

There's usually at least one cat in the window when the weather is warm, or a dog sprawled out on the spot of sun that hits the floor in the winter. It looks as if my car looms right outside, but I have a little part of my garden right outside the window that is filled with flowers and herbs in the summer.

I'll take small breaks throughout the day to check emails or read a blog or two. Sometimes I'll sit somewhere else in the house or outside with a notepad or my nifty drawing board (really just a panel of lightweight wood)-- just for a change of scenery.

When the kids get home it's more of the same, or we go out, or I play Mom-Taxi. Then when hubby gets home we catch up, cook dinner, go outside-- that part varies. If I'm really busy he'll start dinner-- he's great that way.

Afterwards we all read or watch a movie or a bit of TV. I rarely watch television, but the last few nights my son and I have been watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the travel channel. (My son loves to cook... though mostly things involving sugar and butter...)

Oh! I forgot the part about jetting off to Paris! But I'll save that for another day...

Here are some other typical days in beautiful and exotic locations... Elizabeth, Alicia, Frank, Eric. (I have to chuckle, since everyone says their own life seems so boring. For an outsider looking in they are so not!)

I tag whoever else wants to share...


Barbara O'Connor said...

Your day sounds heavenly to me!! I think we are soul sisters.

Paris, Schmaris...who needs it - when you have cats, dogs, kids, gardens and work you love.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Barbara-- it really is! I have no complaints. Someday we'll have to meet for coffee, sista! ;-)

Alicia Padrón said...

Love this Jennifer! Love reading about your day...

Oh my gosh you wake up soooo early girl!! I though it was a typo.. he, he.. then kept reading and realized it was that time.

Love your studio, so bright, sunny and with such lovely views.. It is inspiring to work with dogs and cats at our view.. not to mention your lovely garden. I love that.

My sis on law was telling me about that show just recently. She is hooked. But she said I would not be able to stand it and sometimes they would show people eating ginny pigs, etc.. Is it like that really?

Thanks for sharing a peek into your day! :o)

Frank Gardner said...

That is WAY too early!
I thought that 6 was bad. What time do your kids leave for school?
Interesting look into your day. I like your studio. Looks really clean compared to mine. Nice view too.
Erin is into those cooking shows too. She always wants me to stop on those if we are surfing the tube.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Alicia-- No, no typo! And yes, they eat guinea pigs on the show, along with all sorts of other um... unmentionable things! But what I love is that it really makes you look at your own culture and question what's normal... like eating cows or chickens... just depends on your point of view. :-)

Hi Frank-- I know, I know!! But my son's bus comes first, at 6:30 (insanely early for a teenager.)

I love my little room, too. It was actually a falling-down greenhouse when we bought the place, but with a foundation, so we just had to close it in. Need more bookshelves, though.

And by the way, I DO sleep in on the weekends... 'till about 6...

jamie peeps said...

Jennifer, I'm still dreaming when you get up!
Love hearing and seeing your day. We freelancers have the life...between bills!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Ha! You've got that right, Jamie! :-) It's that myth of all that freedom we have... ah well, I'll still take the feast or famine life.