Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Map: Garden in the Round

I have a wicked case of poison ivy on my leg from last weekend's gardening marathon. Sometimes it sneaks up on you a few days later and then you realize... uh oh.

But then I pull out my Poison Ivy Secret Weapon.

My hairdryer.

Yep-- that's right.

Point the hairdryer at the rash (without burning your skin, of course.) At first it will feel hot and tingly and you'll think you can't stand it, and then it will begin to feel that strange kind of good, like when you scratch. Do this for a few minutes and then slather the area with aloe. You will have hours of relief... really!

From what I understand, the heat from the dryer releases the histamines in the rash. That's the nasty part that makes it itch so badly. Doing this every day will also help dry it out quicker. Then you can spend your time pondering what purpose poison ivy has on this earth.


Alicia Padrón said...

Oh no you poor thing.. but you came up with a wonderful remedy, very cool.

Hope you feel better soon Jennifer! Love the map, as always :o)

Frank Gardner said...

That is the weirdest remedy I have ever heard. I guess if it works.
I like the little easel in the garden.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Alicia. It actually feels much better now, just looks icky!

And thanks, Frank. I know-- it does sound weird! I found the remedy a few years ago while googling "home remedies for poison ivy." I'd had an awful case on my arms and nothing else worked! Knew you'd appreciate the easel. ;-)