Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Goals, Screened in Porches, and Things Ridiculous

A bit late, yes, but summer officially started on June 21st, so still within reason, I think. Many of these are a continuation of my regular art and writing goals. But I'm more accountable to myself if I post them (one great thing about blogging.)

So, in no particular order:

- Finish new story dummy and color sample and ship that baby out to agent!
- Continue 15+ minute daily writing exercise.
- Update portfolio sites.
- Continue to develop portfolio pieces.
- Design a fancy header for this blog!
- Make mailing to magazine map clients in mid-summer. (Quite alliterative, that sentence, no?)
- Keep up with magazine map client work! (Deadlines help...)
- Gather master list of book ideas that I've been cogitating on for too long. PB's and... a couple of chapter book ideas.
- Seriously start one or more of these.
- Keep reading, reading, reading.
- Spend time on my screened in porch (favorite room ever) while doing some of these things. (Aren't screened in porches awesome, Barbara?)

- Go on vacation and relax and unwind and appreciate like crazy my awesome family and life, including my, sigh, spine... uh, wait a minute, who invited you? (Okay, do I really have to appreciate "cervical radiculitis?" Doesn't that word sound suspiciously close to "ridiculitis?" Somebody in the medical-name-making-up department has a sense of humor!)
- Oh yeah... keep my sense of humor.


Barbara O'Connor said...

Yes, screened in porches are the BEST rooms in the house - especially screened in porches with a dog and a cat!

Jennifer Thermes said...

We have two cats, who are always so excited when we open it up in the spring. They are inside cats-- and all of the sudden they act all big and cool because... whahoo... they think they're actually OUTSIDE. :-)

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

fabulous goal post! you seem to be doing quite well with them so far. i've always wanted a screened porch... i have major phobia's with mosquitoes...yours looks divine...especially since it comes with the very cool dog!!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

oh and enjoy your two 'hiatus'!!!!

Anonymous said...

ooh the dog and the cat look especially decorative!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, all! Yep-- I love my cat and dog decorations! :-)