Thursday, June 5, 2008

Football in B & W

Ahh, now this is what we call football in our household... you know, the real kind that you play with a foot and a ball... tee hee!


Tom Barrett said...

Kinda funny how this became soccer, and the other is football!

Anyway, cute sketch. I actually thought about doing a few of these value studies myself as practice.

I really like the cross-hatching you're doing. Creates wonderful texture!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Tom-- Right!

The value studies are fun. More challenging than I thought they'd be! (Which must mean it's good for you.) :-)

Frank Gardner said...

I like these little ones, the skateboarder too. I call it football too!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Frank. Hey, you mean "futbol," right?? ;-)

I'm always trying to get the hubby to watch the Mexican and South American games so he can learn a little spanish. But he's stuck on English Premier League. Oh well!

Frank Gardner said...

yes, futbol vs. futbol americano.
I like the Mexican national games, but don't really watch a whole lot more unless I am at my brother in laws. He is big on the European too.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Our life is dictated by the game schedule! (Especially when Manchester United is playing...)