Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination"**

I'm sure this is all over the blogosphere by now... I can't even remember who spoke at my college graduation. What a treat this must have been!

Apparently not everyone was thrilled. Like this guy, "...They should have picked a leader to speak at commencement. Not a children's writer. What does that say to the class of 2008? Are we the joke class?"

Hmmm... so children's books are a joke? Perhaps he'd rather they just watch more TV. It sounds to me as if this guy could use a little bit more imagination in his life. As could many leaders. Given the state the of the world today, wouldn't more imagination be a good thing for everyone?

(**–J.K. Rowling, Harvard Commencement Address 2008)


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

So funny you posted this Jennifer. I saw her speech and loved it. I added it to my profile in facebook. I wanted to find a way to post in on the blog without a link but couldn't.

She gives such an amazing speech.. very very inspiring. I had to watch it little by little.. as my internet was so slow, it froze every second..it was so annoying but I had to listen to it. So I waited for ever and finally was able to see it.

And about the comment, I'm with you.. I'm sure he felt differently after hearing her speech though.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Alicia- I saw it on You tube, too, but it was in 3 parts, so I figured the link would be easier.

Yes, amazing speech! I'm going to watch it again. Oh that is painful watching video with a slow connection!

And yes, I hope that guy changed his mind!

Tom Barrett said...

Great speech! Very inspiring!

Those naysayers have let the Harvard name taint their broader views, and become the status seekers that few will envy in the future. My favorite quote was this:

"'They'll grow up," says 1983 graduate David Epstein. "They'll have a broader worldview and they'll understand that there are many, many ways to contribute. You know what they say — the freshman bring so much, and the seniors take away so little.'"

Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Think of all the wonderful, brilliant children's writers.
EB White
Lewis Carroll
Roald Dahl
and so on and so forth- whoever complained can't be a very thoughtful person.
A bit sad really.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Tom- Yes, that quote says a lot. I mean, wisdom comes from all areas-- why close yourself off, you know?

Elizabeth-- Yep. It was the insinuation that children's books are unimportant that really got to me. So much for growing the minds of the next generation, huh!