Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sample Sketch Series (3 of 9)

This is #3 in my narrative sample series. (Click here for sketch #1 and sketch #2.) Next week I'll start posting the finished pieces, then round them all up at the end.


Alicia Padrón said...

I love this sketches Jennifer. I'm so curious...

Here is what I think they are saying in each one: ;o)

1: "Ok bunny, why on earth did you have to play with the crazy glue? Now I'm stuck on this thing!"

2: "Ooops, don't worry piggy, I have an idea.. come with me!"

3. "Oh, no.. not and idea. Wait it's ok, never mind.. oohhh.. where are you taking me? Watch out with the door! don't bump me right into it like last time.....this is not good. Your ideas are never good...! "

He, he... sorry ;o). I'm just procastinating here instead of doing so many errands I need to do.

I'm leaving now.. can't wait to see it all at the end. I adore the piggy, just adorable!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Ha ha, Alicia-- you crack me up with #1! And #3 makes a great dialog. Glad you like my piggie... I'll clue you in on more next week... promise!

Elizabeth said...

Very cool piggy.
No pigs in Maroc.
I miss them.
I loved the drawing below of the boy with the flashlight - chasing fireflies? L.I. mild summer evenings. Yum.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. Yep-- I'm so looking forward to those evenings!