Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Map: Garden Envy

It's easy to slip into garden envy when looking at photos of perfect, overabundant flowers and vegetables in glossy magazines.

Where are the deer? Where is the black spot? The aphids? And where are the bloated, aggressive SUVs that try to run you down when weeding near the road, despite the orange traffic cones you haul from spot to spot for their sense of false protection (all the while despairing of your "a gorgeous garden will slow them down" theory)??

So, is the garden always greener on the other side? Ah ha! Maybe not... perhaps it's Photoshop...


Frank Gardner said...

I always wonder the same thing. Don't they have dogs that dig in the garden too? We don't have the same issues with traffic though. Our yard is enclosed.

THAT is what I am missing from my garden. A little pool like in your map with me floating on my raft.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Oh yeah-- I forgot about dogs. At least they're not life threatening!

I think you do need a pool, Frank. But then who would do all the work? ;-)

Tom Barrett said...

Photoshop and good camera angles!

You do great map work BTW! :)

hj said...

nice drawings !

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Tom- Yep, it's got to be. And thanks!

Et merci, Helene! :-)