Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fun: Favorite Song of the Season

I love this version! Does anybody remember Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats back in the 80's?

(Snowstorm update: No school today, and it hasn't even started snowing. So much for us hearty New Englanders! But the kids are happy. Me too.)


Vivian Mahoney said...

The Stray Cats were so much fun!

Enjoy the snow day. School will be closed down at noon today in anticipation of the midday storm. The kids are thrilled.

Frank Gardner said...

Sleigh ride is one of my favorites too. I have been humming/ singing it for two weeks. I dont know all the words.
Cool version too.
Enjoy that snow!

Frank Gardner said...

I added our favorite holiday song to my blog today too.
Getting in the holiday mood.

Jennifer Thermes said...

You too, Vivian! Don't you just love the anticipation of a snowstorm? I do!

Hi Frank-- Yeah, I make up half the words! I'm heading over to check out your tune...

Elizabeth said...

This is very jolly and seasonal.
Raining now - but still snow on the trees - cathing up with my blog reading after a blizzard of Xmas card making.
Hope it's picturesque where you are!

Jennifer Thermes said...

It is, Elizabeth! Now we just have to shovel all that picturesque-ness. :-)