Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Joyful Things

Abstract patterns in the season's first snow flurries:

The sound of a babbling brook on a cold, clear morning:

A birdhouse bursting with last spring's nest:

Loads of dry firewood neatly stacked:

Ragweed, frozen at last!:

What makes you feel joyful?


Susan said...

reading "Art, Words, Life" is one of my little joyful things. : )

Jennifer Thermes said...

Aw... :-)

Unknown said...

oh I so love when those huge snowflakes fall and cover everything in like minutes....and it seems like they are falling in slow motion....



Julie said...

Snow already? Beautiful pictures, Jen

Jennifer Thermes said...

Diana-- Yes, it's very peaceful! :-)

Julie-- Thanks! I got up at 5am, turned on the back light and it was snowing! Beautiful! And just a dusting.