Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Fun: Feel Like Dancin'

Some pure fun and silliness.

Napoleon Dynamite was one of those movies with a weird sense of humor that people either loved, hated, or just said- huh? I'm in the love it group. (If you ever felt like a misfit in high school, you'll love it. Really.)

Now who doesn't wanna get up and dance? An appropriate way to finish off the week.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Ha, ha! I never saw this movie Jen. How come his T-shirt says "Vote for Pedro" Is Pedro in the movie? Is he Pedro? Oh.. I bet that has nothing to do with the movie.. LOL!

It was fun to watch. Happy weekend to you too Jen!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

ok, i am NOT with you on this one. although i got the movie, it's humor was just lost on me. although, i have loved the lead in this movie in several other films.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Alicia-- Pedro is Napoleon's best friend who runs for class president. (Pedro wins, BTW!) ;-)

Christine-- See? That's what I mean! Part of it, though, is that I have a teenage boy, and Jon Heder nails the character completely.

(A boy who, when he came home with a bag of Halloween candy and found out it only weighed 10 pounds, said- "Gosh! It's like 45 pounds, duh!" Which sounded like classic Napoleon to me.) :-D

Elizabeth said...

Totally love Napoleon Dynamite.
My grown children adore it.
A Christmas favorite and we all sit round talking about "building a cake"
It is so touching because everyone's dreams come true - in a batty sort of way.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Sweet, Elizabeth! ;-)

It really has a cult following- so many quotable moments. True about the ending. I get weepy!

tlchang said...

This was my favorite scene in the movie.

My mother grew up in small-town Idaho and said so *much* of this movie felt spookily familiar. :-)

Jennifer Thermes said...

That's neat, Tara! I think part of the appeal too was that so many of the characters are universal, wherever you grow up. :-)

Frank Gardner said...

GOSH! I love that movie. Thanks for the clip.
I must have watched it a million times though. I was Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween a few years back, so I had to learn all the moves and cool quotes.
I must say it was a big hit. All the kids wanted their picture taken with me.
Made a vote for Pedro shirt just like that one, but I had a hard time finding boots like his down here.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Aw Frank, no moon boots down there?! At least you're pretty good at drawing, like animals and warriors and stuff... (Teehee-- don't get me started with the quotes!) ;-D

Frank Gardner said...

"It's a Liger" and yes, I have skills.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Flippin sweet, Frank. That's pretty much my favorite animal. :-D

Frank Gardner said...

Don't get me started, this could go on forever.

By the way Jennifer, I reckon... you know a lot about... cyberspace? You ever come across anything... like time travel?

Jennifer Thermes said...

Dang, Frank! I wish I could go back in time. I'd take state!

Glad to know we're pretty much friends by now, right?

Okay, okay... must get to work!!!!