Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fun: On Portfolios


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

oh.. that is so true Jen! We have to really keep that in mind all the time.

Even to the point were if you would love to able to illustrate books about lizards for example, you have to make sure to have several lizards in your portfolio.

I think AD and Editors are of course very creative people but more than creative, they are super busy. So they want to have it all very easily spelled out for them. If they need an illustrator for a book about a duck. They will look for a duck in those portfolios. Even though they can "imagine" how beautiful you can draw a duck, they need to see it.

So I guess we have to ask ourselves what is it that we really LOVE to draw. What types of books would we love to be able to do. And then, draw lots of those and pop them in the good ol' portfolio.

Kelly Light said...

"When in doubt- out"- Is exactly why I'm so busy- trying to make new portfolio pieces. My critiquer last weekend told me "I think you know what you have to do..." - e-yup... so back to work. Thanks that was a great video!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Alicia and Kelly-- Glad you both enjoyed it! :-)