Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Fun: Ira Glass on Storytelling, 4 Parts

These videos have been all over the place recently, and I didn't want to lose track of them. If you've never heard Ira Glass's program This American Life on NPR I highly recommend it. I've spent many a Saturday afternoon working or cooking a meal and listening.

I especially like the third piece, where he talks about how important it is to create lots of work, in order to develop good work. In other words, don't quit when you're frustrated-- everybody goes through it. So get yourself a cup of tea (hot or iced, depending on your climate), sit back, and enjoy. And then get creating!


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

I love this guy Jen! I want to invite him home and talk over coffee! ha ha ha..

Really great videos. Such valuable information. He gets to the point of things, gives hope to people, is humble about his work and speaks about such interesting topics.

I really enjoyed watching this! All he said can easily be applied to writing children's books. Thanks for sharing this Jen!! I made myself a coffee as suggested ;o)

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hey Ali! I know-- he's so approachable, right? And I love how the same principles of good storytelling apply to so many different mediums. Funny how you might have heard the same ideas somewhere else but you learn something new when it's explained another way.

Julie said...

Hey, thanks for this. I've always loved This American Life, so to hear Ira talk about how he puts it together is great. And you're right "the same principles of good storytelling apply to so many different mediums."

P.S. I wish the bat lab would call already!

Jennifer Thermes said...

You're very welcome! :-)