Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Piece: First Stage

This is the first stage of a new piece I'm working on. (Here's the sketch.)

I've transferred the drawing to watercolor paper and started drawing with colored pencil. Next comes the paint. The first layers of watercolor always soften up the pencil line, an effect I like, then I can go back in and redraw/strengthen the line as needed.

Maybe I'll post the different stages as I do them. Although there's always that inevitable point where I hate the piece and think it's dreck, in which case I think I'd just die if I posted it. (Reminder to self: that's normal, keep working!) We'll see.


Ken said...

So glad I found out about you on Twitter. I'm 42 and just beginning to draw. It would be great to see your work in stages.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Ken-- Good for you! Never too late to start. There are so many talented and generous artists on Twitter. It's like going back to school some days! :-)

Sarah Stevenson said...

Very nice! Thanks for posting stages of your piece--I really enjoy seeing other artists' process at work. :) I'm thinking about putting some illustration samples together soon myself, after years of doing mostly fine art and bookmaking. Posts like yours are very inspiring!

Jennifer Thermes said...

With fine art & bookmaking you've got a great background... go for it!
And thank you-- glad to be of help. ;-)