Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I'm Working On Now

Here's a sketch for a new sample piece. I'm planning on doing this one in color.

Aside from building up a body of black & white illustration samples, I've been busy working on yet more revisions for a new picture book-- tweaking the words and pictures, back and forth. And then of course putting the story aside and letting it marinate for a time, which helps me figure out if the story in my head is truly coming across on paper. This is a new type of story for me (which is personally exciting) and with each round I'm liking it more and more. (Apologies for not posting sketches or more details-- I need to keep growing it close to home, if that makes any sense!)

Picture books are so deceptive-- the shorter they are the more difficult they are to get right. I love the challenge.


tlchang said...

I totally agree about the shorter the project - the tougher it is. The fewer elements, the more they have to be *just right* (same goes with simpler illustrations, I think.)

Good luck with your project -looks like fun.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Tara! That's a good point about the simpler illustrations, too.