Thursday, February 26, 2009

Young Creativity

Yesterday afternoon my son stormed out of the room in a fit of teenage frustration over who-knows-what. (Most likely his sister was bugging him.) After about a half an hour he returned in a sunny mood, with this drawing:

He'd been looking at trees outside the window, trying to do homework, when he picked up a pen and started drawing on the back of a school paper. I love the composition and the graphic quality, and told him so. He was very proud.

"Here's my chance," said my Mom-brain.

I asked if he had ever thought about keeping a sketch journal, just for himself. His eyes lit up and he said, "Okay." Being a laid back kid, believe me, this qualified as totally excited. Then he asked, "Can you get me more of these pens?" My good ones that always mysteriously disappear. "You bet!" I told him.

He's always been a creative kid in a 3-D sort of way-- brilliant with legos from a young age and fascinated with everything mechanical. He loves his drafting class and talks about wanting to study architecture. This past semester he'd taken Drawing 1 as a back-up class, since his first choice was full. I think he was surprised by how much he liked it.

I hope he discovers the joy and sense of wholeness that comes from putting pictures and ideas on paper. I hope he sticks with it.


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

you're right, really GREAT composition! you must be beaming with mama pride...what a fun connection this will give you!

Julie said...

Beautiful, Jen! Tell him I said so. I tried to get my son to submit sketches to Illustration Friday, but I gave up.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hey Christine-- Yes, I am! :-D

It's a delicate connection... if I say too much then I'm being Mom-ish... so best to keep my mouth shut and see what he does...

I will, Julie! Teens are funny creatures, no? ;-)

SusanLW said...

I love the drawing! I'll be interested in how you'll gently motivate your teenager without turning him off. I could never read Cait. She'd show an interest in something and by the time I had all the materials for her, she'd be somewhere else with what she wanted to do.

The trees remind me of one of my favorite (Vermont) artists. Sabra Field

I loved the way she did winter trees. Her art began as woodcuts so they were beautifully graphic. Now when I drive around the roads of Vermont I can see her work imposed on the landscape. Clean and simple.

She's changed directions and grown and does a lot of other techniques. But the Vermont work is my favorite.

tlchang said...

Isn't it fun to have such multi-talented kids? :-) And there's nothing better than if they can find real connection to themselves through their talents. Way to encourage! :-)

Jennifer Thermes said...

Sue-- I think my best bet is not to say anything! We'll see...

Thanks for that Sabra Field link. I love her work!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Tara. Yes it is!

Finding that balance between encouraging and just letting them be is tricky sometimes. But fascinating to see the way they each develop in their own ways! :-)