Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Fun: Yo-Yo and the Honkers

I love Yo-Yo Ma-- he plays with such passion, and clearly loves what he is doing.* And in every interview I've ever heard with him he seems really, really nice. I like nice people.

*(Especially at the Inauguration, even though it was pre-recorded. But as Yo-Yo said later, the weather was far too cold for the instruments-- they would have been completely out of tune. )


Anonymous said...

Great video. The best part was Big Bird practically shoving Bob to his seat!! :D

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I saw him on John Stewart or Colbert and then at the Inauguration.
He seems so upbeat and cheerful, not to mention talented.
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should this be a new product of some kind?

Sara said...

That made me grin. Makes me miss The Muppet Show, though. I'll bet Yo-Yo Ma still remembers that gig.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hey Tom! Glad you liked it!

Hmmm, Elizabeth... I'm thinking more a dull handyman? ;-)

Me too, Sara. I grew up watching Sesame Street... brings back memories.

tlchang said...

You can't go wrong with muppets. Love them (still miss Jim Henson!).

Have you watched Apocalyptica play the cello? (Classically trained Finnish cello group - started as a heavy-metal tribute band. On cello. Shirtless and headbanging and large stringed instruments. The juxtaposition makes me giggle. But they are pretty darn amazing musicians. I skip the heaviest metal, but love everything else they do).

Jennifer Thermes said...

Oh WOW Tara-- I just found them on youtube... awesome! (Why'd you have to tell me today... I need to get some work done!!!) ;-)