Thursday, January 8, 2009

Resolutions and Ice Storms

There are a lot of good New Year's resolutions in blogland this time of year. I enjoy reading them all. One I really found inspiring was Vivian's. Her word/theme for the year: resilient.

Within about 20 minutes of reading her post the power went out. We were in the middle of an ice storm.

Seeing that I had a map deadline I was slightly panicked. But I had her word in my head. Luckily I work in pen & ink and watercolor, so I didn't need electricity. I pulled my drawing board close to the nearest window and kept working by daylight. I was thankful for that word.

Later, as it grew dark, we lit candles and stoked up the woodstove. The only real annoyance to losing electricity around here is that we lose water, since we're on a well system with an electrical pump. But one thing I do enjoy is the peace that descends over the house. It always gets me thinking about the people who've lived here over the years. They lived longer without electricity than with, since the oldest part of the house was built almost 300 years ago. Talk about having to be resilient!

And then the hubby and I had a good chuckle, imagining a conversation from colonial times that surely didn't take place:

"Caleb, go and harness up the horse now if you will, for I'm desirous of some Mexican take-out for supper."

"Of course, good Mother. Shall it be the Fajitas this evening, or the Vegetarian Burrito?"

Which reminded me to of my own word/theme for this year: laugh often!


Kelly Light said...

Happy New Year - great resolution - to laugh more often, mine is to eat less chocolate.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you can laugh about it.
I think primitive life wears thin rather quickly.
I'm still madly in love with my dishwasher (mechanical) in NY.
It was hell without one in Maroc. (Husband or Imail mostly did them - but endless.....)
Hope you are back to normal now?

word verification: nomogia
is that the word for normal state? -or lack of it?

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Kelly-- you too! Wow, chocolate... that's a hard one. ;-)

Elizabeth-- I agree, much as I find the notion romantic. (But the thought of an outhouse in January? No thanks!)

Luckily we got power back last night. Not sure if I'd be laughing today otherwise.

I hope you're saving these words...

Vivian Mahoney said...

Hurray for resilience and laughter!

I'm so glad your power is back and you were able to get your work done.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Vivian! Resilience really is such a useful word!

Tom Barrett said...

I can honestly say I don't envy your dilemma, but glad you see the silver lining in it.

Hope you made your deadline! :)

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Tom! Yes, made the deadline, happily. :-)

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Loooove this post Jen! Particularly the conversation at the end :o)

Oh man, painting without electricity is tough but it sounds like you managed it just fine!

tlchang said...

We lose power just frequently enough (annual windstorms - and always during a deadline week) that I've now invested in a clutch of halogen lanterns to paint by. Not ideal, but at least that makes it possible. Am going to add the gatherer of take-out food to list of essentials!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Ali! We had a good laugh over that!

Tara-- The halogen lamps are a great idea- I'm going to have to get a few. And yeah-- losing power is a great excuse for take-out food... though our stove is gas so we COULD make spaghetti or something, but, you know, we feel like we deserve it because of the inconvenience... ;-)