Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gratuitous Beach Shot

I planned to have my foot in there as a compositional element, ha! Surreal, no?

It seems quiet in blogland these days, what with vacations and shifting summer routines. I'll get back into posting more sketches and art soon. But for now, think I'll just go with the flow...


Emily said...

I'm sorry but I don't think that is a pretty beach at all. Sorry.

Elizabeth said...

What a nice peaceful beach without all the crashing waves to knock you over on s. shore of LI!
I will get to Castles in the Air soon.
Sounds good.
Actually I liked Pillars when I read it about 15 years ago.
Agree about the sex but liked the intrigues.

Jennifer Thermes said...

We love it for just that reason, Elizabeth. Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder! ;-)

I will try Pillars again someday. Sometimes it's just the mood you happen to be in that makes the book work or not, you know?

Susan said...

The problem with living in a land locked state is you don't have the beautiful view, air and sounds of the shore. I miss it. (didn't think I would but sadly...)

Thank you for sharing your vacation pics. More, please.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Ah my friend, but you have those awesome mountains! :-)