Friday, February 22, 2008

Field Trip!

The kids are off from school this week, so yesterday we drove down to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I really love New York! Probably because if you've ever felt quirky or different, you'll fit in there somehow, someway. There's room for everyone.

I decided to take pictures since the kids, being kids, rushed from one thing to the next. A whirlwind tour! (Ahh, to be back in art school, with time to linger, sketching at a museum...) There's so much to see at the Met-- it's an amazing place.

Rather than make my hair hurt by trying to format words and pictures together in Blogger, I thought I'd just show a few of my favorite things:

(And if you're looking for knights in shining armor, this is the place.)


Elizabeth said...

So much to see at the Met.
Love those Knights in armor. There was a Fra Angelico a couple of years ago that was astounding.
They used to do summer one day workshops for teachers - on Mondays when it was closed to the public. Bliss. The best was Medeival herb gardening at the Cloisters.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Elizabeth-- That would be bliss-- as it got really crowded by the afternoon. Think we'll go to the Cloisters come spring. I would have loved to be in that big atrium room with the Egyptian temples today, with all this snow falling!!