Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Blog Break

See you in August!


Elizabeth said...

I don't blame you!
You need some well-deserved down time!
Folloe you cat's example and relax!

Julie said...

Welcome Home! we missed you

Tom Barrett said...

Hope your break is going well.

Wanted to say that I finished "The Invention of Hugo Cabaret" and really enjoyed it. Found it hard to put down, and thankfully was on vacation this past week so I was able to read it at longer intervals.

Now I am hooked on reading. I picked up "The Door Within" (first of a three part series) by Wayne Thomas Batson, and it seems promising so far.

Anonymous said...

I just love when cats and dogs do that. . .it just makes me want to go over and hug them!

Madonna Davidoff said...

Welcome Back!! I took a break too but mostly, been busy with setting up my online shop.