Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sort of Life-ish Drawing

These are sketches from a little over a week ago, drawn from a children's clothing catalog. (Though two of the kids are from my head... can you tell which?)

Someone on a list I follow suggested drawing from catalogs when you don't have access to live models. A good idea! Every little bit of practice helps.

I found pencil easier to work with for these. Sometimes the kid's faces look like aliens, after inking. I'll have to work on that!


Tom Barrett said...

What a great idea! Good way to get "life-ish" drawings without having to worry about you subject moving around all the time.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Tom! I thought it was a good idea, too. The drawings can get a little stiff, but still, practice is practice! :-)

SusanLW said...

These sketches are awesome. My favorite spread from your sketchbooks yet!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Aw, thanks Sue! You know how to make a girl's day. :-)