Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Fun: Bad Rhymes and Maps That Sing

If everyone is (or stays) healthy by this weekend we'll be going to see Brian Regan. (I know, I know... lots of fluids... but sheesh, this bug is all up and down the east coast, far as I can tell...)

I've actually never been to a comedy show before, so I'm really excited! My kids were too old for Dora the Explorer-- wonder if he knows any Teletubbies??


Alicia Padrón said...

Ha, ha... just great. Alexandra loves Dora so I also watch it with her and he is so right about a lot of it.

So funny how he said that Dora doesn't rhyme with explorer.. but it does in spanish. Dora la exploradora, so I think that's how it started. Also I think that she is supposed to be in a computer, you can see at the beginning of the show a girl's room with a computer and in the computer starts the show. Also there is a cursor that clicks when you choose to go over the chocolate hill or something like that... he, he.. So everything rhymes in spanish Dora, explroadora, computadora...

I think I better start watching more grow up stuff!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Ah ha! Tienes razón, Alicia! No me di cuenta de que las palabras se riman en español!


Cara Carmina said...

Hello!!! I'm new at jacketflap where I found your blog, I love your maps!!! it's so nice to do that!!!! and your doodles too!

come visit one day! hope you like it!

good luck, and see you soon!


Jennifer Thermes said...

Hola Pajara Pinta-- ¡Gracias por visitarme! I will definitely check out your blog. :-)