Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doodles and More Doors

What with yesterday's door-day blog group-art-event, looming deadlines, and being in total denial about the cold/flu knocking at our door (no pun intended)... it's been a crazy week around here. So today I thought I'd just post some doodles. Doodling is a great de-stresser.

I'm thrilled by how many people shared their doors and ideas yesterday, and am still wandering around from blog to blog. It's been fun and inspiring and educational! (Oh that last word can be so clunky, but really, what could be better?) I may be late to the game, but isn't it awesome how powerful a tool the internet is for spreading ideas? Group art rocks!

Here are a few more people who jumped in at the last minute-- bravo to you!

Sara at Read Write Believe
Cloudscome at A Wrung Sponge
Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect


Karen Cole said...

Wow a childrens book illustrator!
I imagine that it would be so much fun, but I suppose you have your deadlines, as you said.

Thanks for your comments. Loved your doors. Especially the half door.

Yes, group art is grand.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Karen! Yes, lots of deadlines, but more so for my map illustration work. Everyone always seems to call at once! But I'm not complaining...

This has been really fun, crossing paths with so many new people.

Anonymous said...

Where did the pig fly :-)

Great doodles.

I'm glad I found your blog.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Britt-Arnhild-- Thank you! Hmmm... I'm still working that out... I'll keep you posted...

I'm glad you stopped by, too! :-)