Thursday, January 24, 2008

Running From?

This has turned out to be a week for working on sketches. The one above and yesterday's are for new samples. I usually don't do this much shading for a sketch, but thought it would be fun to try something different.

I'm also working on a dummy for a new story. The drawings are a bit more complicated than I expected, and so are taking longer. It's a little bit frustrating-- I feel like time is slipping past! I've been writing and revising, and once I finish the pictures it will lead to even more revising. I'm approaching this project with baby steps. Every day. It will get done.

Perhaps, she's running from time...


Unknown said...

This one of your best drawings that I've seen-in my opinion. Wonderfully expressive.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Wow- thanks, Eric- you've made my day! I've been working on getting a bit more "mood" into my repertoire.