Friday, December 7, 2007

Art and Life Intersecting

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to spend time working in the garden-- digging, weeding, planting-- and getting completely covered with dirt and exhausted. Then taking a nice cold shower at the end of the day and admiring how everything looks. I love to garden.

This is a garden plan I did recently for Woman's Day Gardening & Deck Design. It is just plain fun to do these, since I get ideas for my own garden, and I get to create art around a subject that I love. (Plus, I learn new plant names-- which I am usually brilliant about forgetting.)


Anonymous said...

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Barbara O'Connor said...

I love this! How I envy your artistic eye!

I, too, love to garden - but don't have the artistic vision. I know the plants I love and end up just sticking them wherever there is room - so I have a mishmash garden.

But I still love it. (And I love to get my hands dirty, too. No gloves for me!)

Jennifer Thermes said...

Wuttisak- Thanks for visiting!

And Barbara- I'm not sure how much artistic vision I have when I'm gardening- just a willingness to experiment and a strong back! (Well, until I over-do it!)

Paige Keiser said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love your illustrations! I actually found your website over a year ago and book marked it. So glad to see you've started blogging :-)

Jennifer Thermes said...

Wow-- thanks so much, Paige!

Julie said...

Hi Jen:
I thought you might like this link:

Jennifer Thermes said...

Julie- Yes, I've seen that blog-- it's fantastic. I especially love her journal sketches. Thanks for sharing!