Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tweak, Tweak

I'm in that strange space between finishing art for one book and waiting for sketch okays on another. Time to pull out a story I've been needing to tweak for the longest time. I've missed it! It's funny how hours spent illustrating other people's stories gives you ideas on how to deepen your own. I love how creativity works sideways like that.

This was in the drawer. Drawers are good for when you need a total break in order to come back to your story with a fresh mind.

Now it's back on the wall.

Hard to ignore the wall. After a while your story speaks, sometimes softly and sometimes loud, and hints at ways to make it real. You can't rush the wall.

This is fun.


Mônica said...

It is fun! I know exactly how you feel

Genevieve said...

The drawer is dark and lonely. The wall rocks!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Mônica-- I love our job!

And Genevieve-- It does!