Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Whirlwind Maine Book Tour

We had a blast this past weekend in Maine, with 3 venues visited, 587 miles driven, a whole bunch of books signed, and more laughs than I can count. I was especially glad to have my daughter along for the ride. She was a huge help, acting as Chief Navigator, Crackerjack Photographer, and My Spare Brain.

Here's author Rebecca Rule and me reading at Pineland Farms....

... and the Portland Children's Museum. (I wish we'd had more time to explore Portland... I was too busy trying not to crash into city buses while attempting to find our way there.)

And here we are at L.L. Bean, or what Becky has dubbed "The Mothership." I look like I'm about to bust a gut. (Becky must have said something funny again. She's good that way.)

This is my favorite shot...

Fun times! (Plus, we made it home in time for Downton Abbey on Sunday night. Sweet.)

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Anonymous said...


I love this photo. Is the boot real material or a metal sculpture? It a shame you really can't see the book.