Monday, December 10, 2012

Afternoon at the Bruce

Yesterday's visit to the Bruce Museum was a blast! For me, the best part was talking to the children up close and one on one about how picture books are made. (See how low my chair was? Perfect kid-eye-level!) I brought along lots of show and tell-- my sketchbook, thumbnail sketches, cleaned-up sketches, and final art.

I think the kids were most surprised by the scribbles in my sketchbook, and how messy the beginnings of a book can be. But maybe that gives them permission to explore their own ideas without trying to make them "perfect" the first time around. I hope!

Once again, I wish I had taken more pictures. But here's a shot of the museum shop...

... and Sled Ride art on the wall!...

The exhibit runs through February 24th, 2013!

1 comment:

Robyn Campbell said...

Looks like you had a snowy wonderful time. (Love the chair height!) *wink*

The kids learned a lot from you, I'm sure. They look enthralled with your show and tell.

That shop looks SUPER DE DUPER. (I love rambling about museum shops)