Thursday, November 8, 2012

Books & Storms & Stuff

Lots of exciting projects in the works here. (Hint: more books!) Some fun maps, too.

We were very fortunate during Hurricane Sandy, and only lost power for one day. (Unlike the two storms last year.) Most of town was out for more than a week. Even so, we had nothing like the damage along the coast, New York & New Jersey. Just devastating.

Below are some of the ominous looking trees that thankfully didn't fall on our house. (It was a different, scary tree story all around the area.) Here's the sky the morning after the storm:

And then we woke up to 8 inches of snow this morning. Which is pretty. (But maybe not so early in the season.)

Gotta love a bunch of cords of firewood, though.


elizabeth said...

So glad you only ended up with the snow!
Long Island is really depressing --went out to see the grandchildren on Monday. Family friend got power back yesterday after 10 days!

Love your header.

Jennifer Thermes said...

I'm glad, too, Elizabeth!

I have family on LI still without power and no info as to when it will be restored. It's unreal. Really wears you down.

Hope you made out okay in the city.

Genevieve said...

Projects in the works! Yay! That's exciting! I love projects in the works.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Me too, Genevieve! ;-)