Thursday, December 1, 2011

PiBoIdMo... Done!

I finished November's PiBoIdMo challenge with 37 new ideas... from pretty well fleshed-out to just a word or two. What a great exercise for my usual early morning routine. Especially given that life is very busy lately and the days fill up before I know what's happened.

I gathered the ideas in a new notebook...

...with a pretty cover...

...much different than the utilitarian grocery store cheapo one I usually use. Plus now it will be easier to find them.

And now, there's this! I'm really liking these deadliney-writing challenges.

And this quote, recently discovered:

"Miles, if I just change the way I look at things, I'll never run out of ideas," said Hugo.
 – from Hugo and Miles In I've Painted Everything! by Scott Magoon (Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007)


Bigfoot said...

Congratulations on finishing. I finished with 30 and a half ideas. I like the idea of working on a picture book each month next year. This is my third PiBoIdMo and I haven't yet gone back and worked on any of the ideas which pretty much defeats the purpose. Plan to do better in 2012!

Mônica said...

Congratulations, Jennifer -- 37 new ideas, that's impressive! Did you do just words or were some of your ideas sketches? It tends to be both ways with me :-)

Jennifer Thermes said...

Bigfoot, 30 and a half ideas is great! And a worthy goal for 2012. :-)

Thanks, Mônica! I consciously tried to stay with mostly words, to at least be able to explain the nugget of the story to myself, if that makes sense! Some sketches snuck in there, though... ;-)