Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shout Out!

This is a huge thank you to my dear friend Sue, who brought me two discarded books from her local library. And look! They're map books! The top one is called Decorative Maps, by Heather Child, published in 1956; and the one below is Picture Map Geography of South America, by Vernon Quinn, from way back in 1941. How very useful these will be!

And now for a visual treat, check out Sue's latest creative endeavor, her photography:

(I know she's my friend and all, but I think her work is spectacular.)

As if this isn't enough coolness for one day, take a look at what she and her husband do in Vermont:

Mystery on Main Street

Yes, they run a book store... an independent book store! (I'm so proud of them.) So if you're in the Brattleboro area, please check it out. Here's to brave folks who follow their creative hearts!

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