Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's On My Desk

This week I'm working on endpaper illustrations and a few other bits and pieces for Maggie and Oliver, a middle-grade novel by author Valerie Hobbs.

There's always a stage in the process where I think the art looks like blech. Most times I can work through it. (Figured this out after years of self-torture.)

Usually my desk looks something like below. My hairy little assistants are always ready to help. (Between nap breaks, that is.) Luckily I also have a standing desk. Keeps the ol' spine happy.

Here's another piece from the book:


mswas said...

I'm not an artist, but I design websites. My coworker and I always say that we each have a time where any given design "looks like crap."

Knowing that you'll always have that moment is reassuring - we always get through it. Just wade through

Elizabeth said...

I always love looking at people's work spaces.
And such super work!

Anonymous said...

What fun to see your work space and your cute assistants. They look happy to be there. That last picture is awesome!

Jennifer Thermes said...

mswas-- Yes... I find it comforting to know that stage is normal for almost everyone.

Thanks, Elizabeth! Me too.

And thanks, Susanne! My assistants are usually quite happy. Of course, I spoil them like crazy, so who wouldn't be? ;-)

Charlotte Rossmann said...

I love it! Cats and creativity are a terrific combination. Your work space is beautiful.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Charlotte! I totally agree with you about the cats. My little muses!