Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twelfth Annual Shoreline SCBWI Conference

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of speaking at the Twelfth Annual Shoreline SCBWI Conference in Madison, Connecticut. (We were supposed to be outside, in the apparently gorgeous gardens of organizer Doe Boyle, but ended up gathering at the Guilford Free Library due to the threat of thunderstorms. I'd love to see those gardens another time!)

The day's theme was Cross-Pollination in the Garden: The Hybridization of Fact and Fiction in Writing for Young People. Each of the invited authors spoke about their projects and writing processes in both fiction and non-fiction; and how they combine facts and imagination to create compelling works for children. It was fascinating. I spoke from the point of view of an illustrator, talking mostly about my book maps, and my process behind doing the artwork for Maggie and Oliver. (And yes, I'll admit I used more than a few bad gardening metaphors-- avid-- some say lunatic-- gardener that I am. Luckily the audience was forgiving.)

It was an honor to be included with these folks... Dana Meachen Rau, Page McBrier, Stacy DeKeyser, and Tony Abbott. Another bonus was being able to meet a whole bunch of wonderful people who I either knew of or had "met" online. Really fun day.

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