Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Must Keep the Messiest Sketchbook, Ever

I really do admire artists whose sketchbooks are filled with beautifully designed and drawn images. That's not me, though. Mine are more like secret messages to myself. Sometimes I have to decipher what the heck I was thinking about at the time. Oh well. Better to get it on paper than not.

(This is my vegetable garden plan. It's a work in progress.)


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's messy looking. Like you said, it's a work in progress. : )

Tom Barrett said...

Well, I think your a step up from most as I don't know too many people who plan a garden with illustrated examples along side! : D

And sketchbooks weren't meant to be clean.

Lauren Drugan said...

My sketchbook looks exactly like yours... except I haven't gotten to my garden plan yet :)

Jennifer Thermes said...

I'm glad to know so many of us keep messy sketchbooks! That must be a good sign. :-)