Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy Garden Lady Returns

It was sunny and close to 70° here this past weekend! I spent both days completely overdoing the physical thing in the vegetable garden. But it felt so good to work outside after a long winter... a perfect antidote to long hours at the drawing table.

The plot we started last year was a mess of brambles and roots-- and a complete nightmare to clear. (Just ask my back.) We dug every inch by hand.

This year, not as bad. Tall, ugly deer fence in place. (It really works!)

I managed to turn over half of the soil, amending it as I went with peat moss, lime, our homemade compost, and dried up chicken manure. (Good to have chicken-raising friends!) I planted a few rows of peas, spinach, kale, turnips, and radishes. It's early in the season, but these are cool weather crops, and I'll take the chance.

I'm using the 1977 version of "Crockett's Victory Garden" as a guide this year. (It belonged to my grandmother. I love finding her handwriting inside!) It's a wonderful book, because it follows the gardening season month by month. (Though the author drenches almost everything with Diazinon. Yikes! No thanks.)

The husband made this handy-dandy planting board, one of the many great ideas in the book. It's notched every 6 inches to help space plants evenly when planting. The bottom edge is beveled to make a nice little groove in the soil for seeds.

I decided it might be smart to actually write down what and when I plant this year. (Duh!)

With a little luck we'll end up with something like below come summertime. This was last year's bounty. Pretty darn good considering it was our first year growing vegetables, and a crummy one weather-wise for gardens here in the Northeast.

Oh, this is my super-dorky gardening hat. (That sun is really strong!) You'll have to pay a lot of money if you want to see an actual photo of me wearing it...


Julie said...

I'm impressed! You're a Renaissance woman!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Haha, thanks Julie! Does that mean I get to wear one of those cool dresses? ;-D

compostings said...

Oh my! I love that I found your blog. (thanks for visiting mine!) Your garden spot is looking great. I've got a few old gardening books too and it's pretty funny in some of them to see the stuff they advised soaking the soil and leaves in. Bleh...

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks! Yes-- it's horrifying, actually! I flip out when my neighbor dumps chemicals all over his lawn, even though it says "Natural" or some such on the side of the truck... :-/

By the way, I found you when searching for "when to plant peas in CT."

Tom Barrett said...

Looks exciting. I need to get going on mine here in FL. It is still cold in the mornings, but I think the freezes are done.

Mine is just as scary, with the addition of dog poop to work around! (Is dog poop good fertilizer? We have plenty (not that I save it mind you).)

Good luck!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Tom! I'm sure you'd be safe to plant something now. The dog poop... not so sure about that!