Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Map. Old Cat.

Here's a map I did recently for AAA Traveler magazine. It's fun to research these kids of pieces, but I have to be careful not to waste all day reading about fascinating places.

On a sad note, Athena, our ancient outdoor cat, passed away peacefully last night. We'd had her for over 21 years, since before my husband and I were married. She was a sweet old lady. She lived in our barn and spent her days catching mice and assorted other critters, though the past few years she mostly enjoyed lolling around the house on a sunny patch of ground.

I think she had some sort of an agreement with the wildlife around here, because despite the raccoons and coyotes (and speeding cars!) she never got into trouble. We fed her a few times a day, and one night, a raccoon mother and her babies scuffled outside the front door gobbling up her dinner. Athena just watched patiently from a few yards away, letting them take their fill. She knew there would be more for her.

The inside cats loved having staring contests with her through the screen.
RIP, Athena.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh what a beautiful story about Athena's life! Sorry to hear she passed away, but what a wonderful life she had! Sounds like she did everything she wanted to and she found a special home with you.

Why don't you write a story about her Jen? I can really see this as a beautiful children's book and your style would be perfect for it! The story of a 20 year old cat who lived on the roof of a barn. Think about it.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful life Athena had!
Even though you are a necessarily sad at its ending, she seems to have had a long and rich life with you.
I love Alicia's idea of an illustrated story book about her.

BigEyes World said...

Great work, and I'm so sorry about your cat. I've lost one too, but it was long time ago, so I know how you feel.


sruble said...

So sorry to hear about Athena. She sounds like she was a wonderful cat with many adventures.

p.s. Love your new map.

Steven said...

That map is pure awesomeness!

Steven said...

BTW, sorry about your cat. :(

Julie said...

You gave her a nice long life, Jennifer.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, everyone! She did have a good long life. Maybe there is a story in there...

So strange to look out the windows and not have her outside. She was like a part of the scenery. She was a sweetheart of a cat. :-)