Monday, May 11, 2009


These are random...

Dandelions shoot up

Toward sky in springtime yellow–
Merely weeds to some.

Birds with beaks of hay
Outside the morning window.
Cats stare, mesmerized.

Salad for supper
In summer-swelter weather
Crunchy green cool leaves.

Good morning, peepers!
Green wall of high-pitched chanting.
Welcome, Spring, again.

Spring, you crazy fool
Sweet sunshine, bursting petals
“Take that!” says dawn frost.

At square one again
White empty page and blank stare
Silent field of snow.

Spotted, farting dog
Sleeping on studio floor.
Such stink! Yet sweet face.

Three words, “How are you?”
Your eyes, as leaves fall to ground
Answer clear as day.

The haiku police!
Thick swarm of summer chiggers
Chew pen and paper.

For more haiku, and a list of other participating bloggers, visit Elizabeth's blog.
(This was fun! I think I'm hooked on haiku...)


Tracy said...

Hello! I'm Elizabeth's co-host of the haiku event, Pink Purl, also know as Tracy. :o) Thanks so much for joining us! So nice to meet you and find your creative place. So far you are definitely the participant with the most haiku of us all...and they are each terrific! Love the variety here at your blog and look forward to visiting again. Happy Day!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks so much, Tracy! Yes, I did get on a roll once I got started. Haiku is quite addictive! Off to check out your blog... :-)

The Clever Pup said...

I love your illustrations. Makes me wish my boy was younger. I like your plethora of haiku

Butternut Squash said...

Now you took this seriously didn't you? Loved your poetry, I'm still chuckling.

Elizabeth said...

I loved them all but the dog one was TOOOOOO
Yes, we are all going round organizing our lives into 17 syllable snippets
such fun though!

rochambeau said...

All wonderful!
You are a Haiku Queen!
The dog one makes me smile too.
I liked the salad one, but ALL are great!


Leenie said...

Liked them all, even the farting dogs.

Bee said...

Gosh, so many good ones! I particularly like the alliteration of s's in the "salad for supper" one.

Shell said...

Hey Jennifer, I wanted you to keep on going with your Haiku poems. I loved them. So pretty and fun.

storyteller's other blog said...

Marvelous one and all! ... I'm hooked on haiku too and I loved each of yours today. Laughed aloud at the spotted dog and haiku police ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thank you all for the kind words!

This has truly been fun, and it's opened up a new approach to words... I will continue...

...will visit everyone's blogs too.

(PS- my dog truly IS sweet, and an inspiration, despite her, um, issues!) :-D

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wonderful haikus Jennifer! I enjoyed this festival very much and I'm still catching up on all the wondefful poetry. Your illustrations are charming. I've always enjoyed map illustrations like yours.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Thanks, Pat! This has been fun-- I still need to make my way around everone's posts...